A Little Harry Potter

My sister, who actually knows how to knit, made me a Ravenclaw scarf and beret.

DSCF3208 (2).JPG

Patterns from Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter.



Aegean Superwash Scarf

So, I finally plied and washed one 4-oz. bobbin of the Aegean Superwash wool. I plied the single with purple thread. It’s squishy. And uneven, of course, but not super-thick and not as uneven as most of what has come before.


I decided to use the 25mm knitting needles to get that loosey goosey gauge that works so well here where it hardly ever gets cold. So I can, you know, actually wear it.

DSCF3194 (2).jpg

The knitting went quickly with the giant needles. I started and finished it between assignments, which is pretty amazing considering how busy I’ve been with work.

DSCF3204 (2).jpg


Switching Gears

And, here is another picture of the hand warmer things, because, despite (or because of) it being hot (and freezing because of air-conditioning), my hands are always cold. These are great for typing. Also, I haven’t knitted anything else since I finished these.

Hand Warmer Thing

But, what I have started doing again is spinning. Well, sort of. I’ve been plying a little and also bought more fiber (that counts, right?).


I got a pound of natural Corriedale, and 16 oz. of a crazy mix called Elemental Mix #8 in Obsidian.


It’s pretty. So pretty that I’m going to have to psych myself up before I start on it.


In the meantime, I need to wash more of the Blackface and Corriedale blend that I plied with gold thread to set the twist.


Medusa the Gorgon

After the first attack of the stupid sock creatures in 2005, I decided I wanted to make my own monsters. I got as far as half an octopus before moving on to something else that caught my attention. Fortunately, I preserved my masterpiece in oil pastels.


In the more recent, second attack of the sock creatures, I managed to actually make the gorgon before my attention wandered. She’s over two feet tall (27 inches including hair) and made of felt.

Medusa the Gorgon

For the moment, I’ve started back on the sock creatures, at least until Halloween.


In Which There Was Little to No Progress

Well, I’m not managing to get much of anything done lately, but here’s a roundup of odds and ends that I managed.

About half the Aegean superwash is spun. I haven’t plied or set the twist yet, though. Not sure what I’m going to do for plying.

Spun Aegean

I (mostly) finished off the Blackface and Corriedale (what’s left is for spindle fun). I still need to ply this bobbin with gold thread and then set the twist.

More Blackface and Corriedale

I dug out some Halloween fabric that my sister gave me. Haven’t done anything with it, though.

It's Coming

I broke down and got a swift and ball winder in the interests of my sanity.

Ball Winder

And, so then I made some balls. (The white was wound sloppily on a nostepinne.)

Balls o' Yarn