Saturday’s Labor

In addition to wrapping up one brief work assignment, I made matching tote and zipper pouch, spun some yarn (badly and with difficulty), and started sewing the patchwork together.



And, in my spare time, I’m working on this.



Sunday’s Update

I started a new skein on the Louisiana scarf today. It’s progressing nicely. I’m going to make it a bit long.


I decided to make a quilt for the sofa for TV watching in the artificial winter. It’ll be just a plain patchwork, kind of boring but useful, made in part from an old sheet.


I also made a little progress spinning after a period of backsliding.


C’est tout.

Time to Quilt?

I’m feeling the urge to quilt today, possibly because this month is the red challenge in one of the art quilt groups on Facebook that I joined. I love red. Except that right now I’m drawn to purple instead, maybe because I have some purple handspun that I’d like to couch.

On my own, before I joined the group, I’d done six “color studies” (I don’t know what else to call them): blue, red, black, brown, yellow, and orange, in the slow stitch style (made in that order). The symmetry bug had bitten down hard by the time I got to orange.


I’ve yet to actually do any couching or beading, but I really want to give it a try. However, what I really need to do today is to stop putting off the work assignment that I’ve been not doing for about a week now and just get it done.