Working Through the Weekend

I’ve been working like mad with hardly any time to do anything else, and it’s been stressful, because complications always happen.

My stress-relief outlet suffered the consequences of serving its purpose. I cut it crazy crooked, then sewed it anyway. Look at those lovely corners. It is my first draw-string bag, and I’ll probably make more, though hopefully less sloppy.


It’s the only thing I’ve managed to make, with the exception of a bit more yarn, although only enough to fill some valleys. I’m new enough at this that it’s not really stress relief, but more tension. I do it anyway.

A Bit More Yarn

My dress form came in from Amazon today. It was cheap, but I really wanted one, so I’m pretty excited. I needed something to cheer me up.

Dress Form with Shawl


All Work and No Play…

…makes me mess up when I try to make a bag again. My squared corners are less than squared on the tote bag. I even messed up both sides so there is no good side. Oh, well. I’m not terribly fond of brown anyway.

Yet Another Tote Bag

So, I finished spinning the 8 oz. of Black Icelandic and started plying it with silver rayon thread. I managed to mess that up too in a couple of places.

Black Icelandic Plied with Silver Rayon Thread

Too much work? Probably not. Probably just too much caffeine.

No-Tacos-for-Me Tuesday



…is the only thing I accomplished today beyond making it to various doctors’ appointments.

I decided I needed a non-black project bag so as to hide the cat fur that will accumulate on it. It was showing up way too prominently on the camera print bag with the solid black bottom. And bothering me.

Random post script: I bought a bunch of YKK zippers off Etsy, and I love them.

DaVinci and Gold-Plied Handspun

This has come back into my possession, though I have no memory of why I ever had it in the first place. Maybe to make curtains? The roll is as tall as I am, and it’s not even close to being exhausted. What to do? I see more bags in my future, but beyond that I have no clue.

I filled another spindle with the gold-plied handspun, but I have yet to offload it to the niddy noddy. That’s a job for tomorrow.

And, I’ve nearly filled my first bobbin on the wheel.