Hey, Niddy Noddy

The normal niddy noddy finally came in the mail today, so I made a skein and washed the wheel-spun yarn along with the remainder of the spindle-spun.


2-Yard Niddy Noddy vs. 0.8-Yard Niddy Noddy

I also finished plying the first bobbin of singles onto the second bobbin of plied yarn. I had to go out to get more gold thread.

Second Bobbin of Plied Yarn

But, mostly, it was just another day of editing.



Wednesday Workday

Today was a fairly full workday, so I didn’t get much else done besides a nap and a little knitting.

Shawl in Progress

Shawl in Progress

I’m still waiting on a regular size niddy noddy to finish my wheel-spun yarn. I’m really not sure why it’s taking over four days for it to get here from Ohio. I also have some fiber that’s all but lost in the mail, considering its last location was Los Angeles (coming from Quebec) and it’s been in the mail since the 17th.

Oh, I also picked a book up at the library.


No-Tacos-for-Me Tuesday



…is the only thing I accomplished today beyond making it to various doctors’ appointments.

I decided I needed a non-black project bag so as to hide the cat fur that will accumulate on it. It was showing up way too prominently on the camera print bag with the solid black bottom. And bothering me.

Random post script: I bought a bunch of YKK zippers off Etsy, and I love them.

Not-So-Manic Monday

Sunday night, I started another shawl, this time with someone else’s handspun—you know, the consistent kind.

Someday a Shawl

Monday, I started plying the wheel-spun Blackface and Corriedale with gold thread so that I’ll have yarn for the first shawl.

Blackface and Corriedale Blend Plied with Gold Thread

But, I had to stop when I filled the bobbin, so I still have some singles left to ply.

Remaining Blackface and Corriedale

I also (mostly) filled the Black Icelandic bobbin. In any case, I stopped spinning it so I could ply.

Black Icelandic

Sunday’s Other Work

More work today, but I also managed to make a lining for and finish the needle case that I knitted.


Finally. I spent the morning being very patient.


I started on a handspun shawl I found on Ravelry, one that’s simple enough for me to try. I’m using my first handspun, but unfortunately, it’s wool. I’m afraid it won’t be a very useful shawl for me because it’s probably going to be a very warm one.

And So It Begins

An Unproductive Saturday

Didn’t get much done today. I did some work, but it was balanced by an equal part of unproductive procrastination, mainly involving the internet. I may have had too much coffee, maybe not enough. Not sure. Anyway…

I took my first two skeins and made center-pull balls.


I spun a little.


And, while I made a bit of progress with the tangled skein, it’s still winning.


More work tomorrow. Hopefully, less unproductive procrastination.

With a Tangled Skein

Yesterday was mostly work, but I did manage to fit a few other tasks in. I spun more of the Icelandic Black top—poorly.


I knitted a long rectangle that I’d like to line and make into a needle case. Not that I actually know how to go about doing that.


I also managed to make a big mess with some expensive yarn, though things seems to be somewhat under control now.


Today is more work, more fighting with a tangled skein, and hopefully more spinning. I might even get around to making that needle case. We’ll see.