Working Through the Weekend

I’ve been working like mad with hardly any time to do anything else, and it’s been stressful, because complications always happen.

My stress-relief outlet suffered the consequences of serving its purpose. I cut it crazy crooked, then sewed it anyway. Look at those lovely corners. It is my first draw-string bag, and I’ll probably make more, though hopefully less sloppy.


It’s the only thing I’ve managed to make, with the exception of a bit more yarn, although only enough to fill some valleys. I’m new enough at this that it’s not really stress relief, but more tension. I do it anyway.

A Bit More Yarn

My dress form came in from Amazon today. It was cheap, but I really wanted one, so I’m pretty excited. I needed something to cheer me up.

Dress Form with Shawl


Tuesday’s Whatever of Braindeadness

So, I started a black cotton boomerang shawl either last night or earlier today. I can’t remember.

Cotton Shawl

I worked on the other wool shawl a bit. It’s getting bigger.

Getting Bigger

And, I spun. Less not-so-bulkily and invariably inconsistently.

Spin Span Spun

But, again, mostly, I edited. A lot.


Not-So-Manic Monday

Sunday night, I started another shawl, this time with someone else’s handspun—you know, the consistent kind.

Someday a Shawl

Monday, I started plying the wheel-spun Blackface and Corriedale with gold thread so that I’ll have yarn for the first shawl.

Blackface and Corriedale Blend Plied with Gold Thread

But, I had to stop when I filled the bobbin, so I still have some singles left to ply.

Remaining Blackface and Corriedale

I also (mostly) filled the Black Icelandic bobbin. In any case, I stopped spinning it so I could ply.

Black Icelandic

An Unproductive Saturday

Didn’t get much done today. I did some work, but it was balanced by an equal part of unproductive procrastination, mainly involving the internet. I may have had too much coffee, maybe not enough. Not sure. Anyway…

I took my first two skeins and made center-pull balls.


I spun a little.


And, while I made a bit of progress with the tangled skein, it’s still winning.


More work tomorrow. Hopefully, less unproductive procrastination.

First Full Bobbin

Despite an influx of work, I finished my first bobbin today. It’s a Blackface and Corriedale wool blend, from the same fiber (1 lb.) as day-before-yesterday’s (and tonight’s!) finished yarn that was spun on spindles. I really like this fiber, and it was a good deal undyed. I’m thinking the next step is to get some acid dyes and experiment a bit.


First Full Bobbin

Meanwhile, I’ve started on some black Icelandic wool. It’s considered a primitive breed and has a dual coat. This is just the outer, but I do have a bag of mixed black and white humbug in the queue. It’s less soft and hairier than most wool used for spinning, and the staple length is something I’m having to get used to.


On to the Black Icelandic

I also washed my second skein of spindle-spun tonight.


Still a Bit Damp

Monday Funday

I started plying my spindle-spun Blackface and Corriedale wool blend singles with gold thread. I didn’t get very far, and I think it just might take forever, but I found a pattern for a shawl that might motivate me to follow through.


I accidentally made a bag when I learned to purl today. It’s pretty shapeless, but very purple.


I also spun a bit on the wheel, but I had a lot of trouble with over-spinning and no take-up. As soon as things were going smoothly, I stopped because I was tired, of course. I still made some progress.