Delphine #5

There were various hiccups, but it came out all right in the end. (I’m still not ready to move on to the dress.)


And, for the record, here’s Delphine #3, an unlined linen-rayon blend:



Delphine #2

Since I botched the zipper on the first attempt at the Delphine skirt, I decided to make another with some fabric that my sister gave me. It’s a heavy cotton (nope) burlap and kind of rough, so I decided that if everything went well with the zipper this time, I would try to line it following the directions on the Tilly and the Buttons blog.


Here we go again.

Well, I can’t say that everything went well with the zipper as I sewed one side on backwards (or something) initially, but after some not-so gentle ripping and an abundance of patience, I had the invisible zipper installed correctly and moving freely. I had also decided I didn’t want the skirt sticking to my tights, so I would line it.


Just follow the directions.

Having already bought the lining material also played a part in that decision. So, I cut skirt pieces and changed my needle. I didn’t really fully understand the directions when it came to sewing the lining to the skirt, but I was determined to plow through anyway. Fortunately, it made a little more sense during the process, and everything came out ok.


I’m absolutely addicted to this pattern because it’s easy and a flattering look. I’ve already bought fabric for two more: one in black corduroy and one in a red linen/rayon blend. I also have lining fabric for both. I do think I’m going to go down a size for two for my next attempt as the two I’ve made so far are too loose for my natural waistline and sit lower than is intended in the design.


If you look closely, you can see that the waistband is poking out beneath my shirt beneath my elbow.

Jacket, Interrupted


Love at First Stitch

In the time I’ve taken off from the jacket because I’m afraid of messing it up at the very last stages, I came across something new to me: Love at First Stitch and Tilly and the Buttons. I’ve also learned how to trace a pattern, which is pretty much mandatory if you want to use any of the patterns that come with the book.


The Delphine Skirt

Between tracing and altering the pattern, I felt like a pro (no real illusions there). I skipped right over the PJs and went for the Delphine skirt. Luckily for me, it turns out it’s fairly easy and goof-proof, with the exception of the invisible zipper, the teeth of which I managed to stitch over. I made it in linen and should have lined it.


If you’ve ever wondered what a short skirt made in the largest regular size looks like for a person who is 5’0″, now you know. Not right is the answer. And it’s barely above my knees. Go ahead, Google “Delphine skirt” to see what they’re supposed to look like. Fortunately, it looks better on me than on the hanger,



Hopefully, next time will be all about how I finally finished the improbable jacket.