Aegean Superwash Hand-Dyed Longwool Roving

It’s what’s next.

Aegean Superwash Hand Dyed Longwool Roving

And, look how wonderfully not thick it is—on the wheel. I love it.

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An Unproductive Saturday

Didn’t get much done today. I did some work, but it was balanced by an equal part of unproductive procrastination, mainly involving the internet. I may have had too much coffee, maybe not enough. Not sure. Anyway…

I took my first two skeins and made center-pull balls.


I spun a little.


And, while I made a bit of progress with the tangled skein, it’s still winning.


More work tomorrow. Hopefully, less unproductive procrastination.

With a Tangled Skein

Yesterday was mostly work, but I did manage to fit a few other tasks in. I spun more of the Icelandic Black top—poorly.


I knitted a long rectangle that I’d like to line and make into a needle case. Not that I actually know how to go about doing that.


I also managed to make a big mess with some expensive yarn, though things seems to be somewhat under control now.


Today is more work, more fighting with a tangled skein, and hopefully more spinning. I might even get around to making that needle case. We’ll see.

Monday Funday

I started plying my spindle-spun Blackface and Corriedale wool blend singles with gold thread. I didn’t get very far, and I think it just might take forever, but I found a pattern for a shawl that might motivate me to follow through.


I accidentally made a bag when I learned to purl today. It’s pretty shapeless, but very purple.


I also spun a bit on the wheel, but I had a lot of trouble with over-spinning and no take-up. As soon as things were going smoothly, I stopped because I was tired, of course. I still made some progress.