Tuesday’s Whatever of Braindeadness

So, I started a black cotton boomerang shawl either last night or earlier today. I can’t remember.

Cotton Shawl

I worked on the other wool shawl a bit. It’s getting bigger.

Getting Bigger

And, I spun. Less not-so-bulkily and invariably inconsistently.

Spin Span Spun

But, again, mostly, I edited. A lot.



Wednesday Workday

Today was a fairly full workday, so I didn’t get much else done besides a nap and a little knitting.

Shawl in Progress

Shawl in Progress

I’m still waiting on a regular size niddy noddy to finish my wheel-spun yarn. I’m really not sure why it’s taking over four days for it to get here from Ohio. I also have some fiber that’s all but lost in the mail, considering its last location was Los Angeles (coming from Quebec) and it’s been in the mail since the 17th.

Oh, I also picked a book up at the library.


Not-So-Manic Monday

Sunday night, I started another shawl, this time with someone else’s handspun—you know, the consistent kind.

Someday a Shawl

Monday, I started plying the wheel-spun Blackface and Corriedale with gold thread so that I’ll have yarn for the first shawl.

Blackface and Corriedale Blend Plied with Gold Thread

But, I had to stop when I filled the bobbin, so I still have some singles left to ply.

Remaining Blackface and Corriedale

I also (mostly) filled the Black Icelandic bobbin. In any case, I stopped spinning it so I could ply.

Black Icelandic

Sunday’s Other Work

More work today, but I also managed to make a lining for and finish the needle case that I knitted.


Finally. I spent the morning being very patient.


I started on a handspun shawl I found on Ravelry, one that’s simple enough for me to try. I’m using my first handspun, but unfortunately, it’s wool. I’m afraid it won’t be a very useful shawl for me because it’s probably going to be a very warm one.

And So It Begins

DaVinci and Gold-Plied Handspun

This has come back into my possession, though I have no memory of why I ever had it in the first place. Maybe to make curtains? The roll is as tall as I am, and it’s not even close to being exhausted. What to do? I see more bags in my future, but beyond that I have no clue.

I filled another spindle with the gold-plied handspun, but I have yet to offload it to the niddy noddy. That’s a job for tomorrow.

And, I’ve nearly filled my first bobbin on the wheel.